New Homes for Sale in Whittier California

Willie and Anna from the Garcia Real Estate Team are excited to show off some great home for sale in Whittier. The homes for sale is between $500,000 and $600,000. Come with us as we show you these lovely homes and give you a taste of what life might be like in this lively neighborhood. Are you ready to see some beautiful Whittier homes? Let’s start our tour!

Cullen Street

The first house we’ll look at is one on Cullen Street, which is right on the line between East and West Whittier. On a 5,255-square-foot lot, this cozy two-bedroom, one-bathroom home has 869 square feet of living space. This home, which has been completely rebuilt and now has modern features like a remodeled kitchen with granite countertops, is for sale for $540,000.

Corley Drive in east South Whittier

This is a beautiful three-bedroom, one-bathroom home on Corley Drive in East South Whittier. This house is great for families because it has a large backyard and a living room of 1,173 square feet. It has a renovated kitchen, hardwood floors, and plantation shutters, and it costs $549,900.

Gun Avenue in south Whittier

This is our third home. It is on Gun Avenue in South Whittier. This huge home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The living space is 1,190 square feet, and the lot is 9,750 square feet. This home is for sale for $579,000. The inside has been completely redone, with a new kitchen and improved bathrooms.

Lee Street in South Whittier

Finally, we have a lovely home on Lee Street in South Whittier with three bedrooms and one bathroom. This home is a real gem. It has laminate wood floors, a handmade shower stall, and a brand-new kitchen. It has 1,145 square feet of living room, costs $599,000, and is on a large lot.

To sum Up

Finally, that’s a look at some of the beautiful homes that are for sale in Whittier between $500,000 and $600,000. There is something for everyone in Whittier, whether you are a first-time buyer, you have a growing family, or you want to move. Get in touch with Willie and Anna from the Garcia Real Estate Team if you’re interested in any of these homes or want to look at other choices. We will help you move to beautiful Whittier, California, every step of the way. Please contact us through phone, email, or text message. You can also message us on our social media channels!



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