Top Neighborhoods in Whittier

Are you thinking about relocating to Whittier, California? Whittier provides a wide variety of living options. Whether you’re moving for a job, lively community, or just exploring new neighborhoods. Come explore Whittier’s top five neighborhoods, each with its own special charm and amenities.

Spyglass Hill Estates in West Whittier

 Located in a neighborhood with undulating hills, modern single- and two-story homes with three to five bedrooms and 1,800 to 2,300 square feet are available. Spyglass Hill Estates offers the perfect balance of convenience and peace of mind, with prices beginning in the mid-seventies.

Whittier Historic District

The Whittier Historic District is located in Southwest Whittier and offers a step back in time. Craftsman, Spanish Revival, Colonial Revival, Victorian, Tudor, and Bungalow are just a few of the architectural styles on display in this quaint neighborhood, which was founded in 1887. Prices for homes here start in the high $500s and range from comfortable two-bedroom apartments to roomy six-bedroom estates.

Marvista Heights in East Whittier

A lovely spot to live if you want peaceful surroundings and beautiful views. With its lush greenery and rolling hills, this area has a wide range of homes, such as modern, mid-century, Cape Cod, and ranch-style homes. Marvista Heights offers a lovely location near parks and amenities, with prices ranging from the high $700K to the mid $900K.

Michigan Park Area

Visit the Michigan Park Area in East Whittier to take in the splendor of the natural world. Michigan Park, a verdant green area crowned with imposing jacaranda trees, is the focal point of this family-friendly neighborhood. Locals enjoy the amenities of the park and the lively sense of community. The Michigan Park Area is a popular vacation spot for both families and outdoor enthusiasts. This is because of its ideal location and beautiful surroundings.

a neighborhood with breathtaking views

Large homes in this wealthy neighborhood circle the high-end Friendly Hills Country Club. It offers golf courses and beautiful views to its members. Styles like Tudor, Spanish Mediterranean, and Mid-Century Modern can be found in homes that cost as little as $900K.

To sum Up

Whittier, California, offers something for everyone, whether your interests lie in its historic charm, expansive views, or luxurious living. Every neighborhood in Friendly Hills, from the opulent estates to the rolling hills of Spyglass Hill Estates, has something special to offer. For professional advice and individualized support, if you’re thinking about moving to Whittier, get in touch with the Garcia Real Estate Team. In Whittier, California, we’re here to assist you in finding the ideal house.



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