How to Handle Back Up Offers | Whittier Home Selling Guide

Real estate market complexities are second nature to Whittier’s top realtor. Managing back up offers is crucial. Preparing for such scenarios can help you sell your Whittier home in a dynamic market. We explain how to manage them in this comprehensive guide.

back up offers

Understanding Back Up Offers

This is a second offer on a property under contract. It protects against a failed primary offer. In Whittier’s competitive market, where desirable properties can draw multiple offers, these offers give sellers extra security.


Whittier’s real estate market is competitive and fast-paced. Due to low inventory and high demand, properties often receive multiple offers quickly. Having an offer gives sellers options if the initial deal fails. In a time-sensitive market, this can save time and reduce the risk of relisting.

Steps to Handle It Effectively

1. Communicate Clearly

  • Communicate with the buyer, primary offer holder, and potential offerors. Clearly state the terms and conditions under which you’ll accept offers to avoid confusion.

2. Evaluate the Strength of Back Up Offers

  • Evaluate offerors’ credibility and finances. Multiple offers are good, but prioritize those most likely to close. Discuss each offer’s terms, contingencies, and financing with your real estate agent.

3. Keep the Primary Buyer Informed

  • When dealing with offers, transparency is key. Inform the primary buyer of offers and contract changes. This maintains trust and informs all parties.

4. Set a Deadline for Decision-Making

  • Give the primary buyer a reasonable deadline to complete their tasks or release contingencies. This keeps the selling process moving and avoids delays. To manage expectations, inform the primary buyer and potential offerors of this deadline.

5. Negotiate Strategically

  • These offers may have better terms than the primary offer. Take advantage of this during negotiations, but beware of contractual and legal obligations. Negotiate with your real estate agent to get the best result for everyone.

6. Proceed with Caution

  • Offers protect sellers but are complicated. Avoid accepting multiple offers, which can cause confusion and legal issues. Instead, find the best offer and proceed.

To sum Up

In competitive Whittier, offers must be carefully considered and planned. Sellers can confidently handle offers by understanding their importance and following these guidelines. Use your real estate agent’s expertise to maximize your chances of success in Whittier’s vibrant real estate market



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